Terms and Conditions

When you place an order at online store www.mosa.lv or www.BestSpanishShop.com, you and company SIA "iMOSA" enter into agreement about terms and conditions specified in the Distance Agreement below. Please read them carefully!

Distance Agreement

This Agreement enters into force between company SIA "iMOSA", registration No. 40103991913, further the Vendor, and a person who makes a purchase at the Vendor's online store, further the Buyer. This agreement applies to all orders made at the Vendor's online store www.mosa.lv or www.BestSpanishShop.com.

The Vendor undertakes to sell and deliver to the Buyer the goods according to the Buyer's order and article numbers indicated in it. Taking into account that the goods are craftsmanship, they may slightly differ from that indicated in the photo.

Validity of the Agreement

The Distance Agreement enters into force at the moment the Buyer places an order online and has received confirmation of the order from the Vendor to the Buyer's e-mail indicated in the order details. Order and order confirmation shall be considered received when they can be reached by both parties they were addressed.

By placing an order at online store www.mosa.lv, the Buyer confirms that he or she has read the Distance Agreement (further the Agreement) and agrees to its terms and conditions. The Agreement is binding to both parties.

Delivery and Payment

The Buyer places an order online by indicating the ordered articles and quantities. The Vendor prepares an invoice and sends them to the Buyer's e-mail according to the order. The invoice is generated electronically and is valid without a signature.

The Buyer shall make payment by using online payment services (PayPal), card payment (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX), bank transfer for prepayment, or in cash when receiving the order in person by previous agreeing with the Vendor.

Delivery of goods on orders above 50 EUR is free of charge Worldwide by postal service; if the order is below the sum indicated, the delivery fee is 3 EUR. For local orders (only within the territory of Latvia), omniva parcel delivery service is also available. The Buyer may agree with the Vendor on different way of delivery for additional cost by previous agreement.

The Vendor undertakes to send out the goods in two labor days since the receipt of the payment, if the goods are in stock. If the goods are not in stock and the Buyer has made the payment, the Vendor returns the amount paid or agrees on another delivery deadline. Further delivery time depends on the delivery method selected and postal service usual delivery times.


The warranty of the goods offered at the Vendor's online store shall be according to the manufacturers' warranty conditions, but not less than 2 years.


The Buyer has rights to return the goods in 14 calendar days since the receipt of the Order by sending the Vendor written application about using his or her rights of return. This deadline shall be referred since the day the Buyer has received the Order or a part of it. The Vendor shall send via e-mail Return Application Form to the Buyer upon Buyer's request.

The application about using the rights of return the Buyer shall indicate the following data:

  •     the Buyer's name, surname and ID number;
  •     statement of return and termination of the Agreement;
  •     a copy of the purchase document;
  •     place and time of the application;
  •     signature of the Buyer.

If the Buyer uses his or her rights of return specified in the Agreement, the Buyer shall be liable to return the goods to the Vendor in 7 days after sending Application of return. All the expenses of returning the goods to the Vendor shall bear the Buyer.

The sum of the returned goods shall be repaid to the Buyer's indicated bank account in 10 days after the receipt of the returned goods. The goods shall be returned in their original packaging.

By entering the Distance Agreement, you cannot use rights of return in case you have been delivered food products, beverages or other consumer goods. The Buyer shall not use rights of return in case:

  • the goods ordered can be deemed not suitable for return or their period of validity is short or are consumed fast;
  • the goods ordered have been manufactured according to the Buyer's individual specifications and order;
  • the Buyer has opened the original packaging of audio, video record or software program.

The Vendor has the right to deny the right of return to the Buyer or keep compensation fee in case the goods are damaged by inappropriate usage or not observing instructions of usage, as well as in case of loss or damage of original packaging.

The Vendor does not undertake the responsibility in cases when the Buyer does not receive the goods due to incorrect delivery address indicated at the time of placing the order.

The Vendor undertakes to keep confidential Buyer's data and do not submit to third parties without Buyer's written consent, except cases of breakage of the Laws of the Republic of Latvia or this Agreement.

Data Protection

By entering necessary information at time of placing the Order, the Buyer confirms that he or she has read the Agreement and agrees that the data provided shall be used by the Vendor to process the Order and organize the delivery according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), that can be read here. By entering the information, the Buyer agrees that he or she will receive notifications about the Order to the indicated e-mail.

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